Preview: Partying in the Present (In)Tense

Apparently there's a part of your mind that doesn't register time, only experiences.  Its point of view is recorded in pure emotion... a state where people seem frozen in time with sounds drawn out for eternity.  I feel like that's the part of my mind that comes out to play whenever I'm at a party, so this entry is going to be dedicated to places where it would feel at home, this weekend. 

Tonight, there's The Long Now, an Atonal-inspired 30-hour closing party at Kraftwerk Berlin (which is the big industrial hall space above Tresor).

The blurb for the event describes this as "a place for the enduring present. A space in which time itself can unfold, where the sense of time can take uncharted paths and even depart".  Well, having been to the last Atonal, I can confirm that it is a pretty apt description of the type of music that they play there.  It's a bit like watching a Bill Viola video through your ears. 

You'll want to wear your comfy clothes to this party, 'cause they expect you to take it lying down: "Beds are provided and sleeping over is recommended!" says the RA event blurb for the surreal sundowner, starting at 18:18 tonight.  At the very least, that makes it a pretty cool place to bring the sex-istentialist you met at the Radialsystem Maerzmuzik festival. 

Later on tonight, Oscillate at About Blank will feature a DJ who is connected to two of my Berlin lieblingslabels (a compound word that I just invented).   DJ Eomac of Stroboscopic Artefacts and Killekill plays us some subconscious, eternity-surfing stuff... but with some fluffy, dance-able acid thrown in for good measure.

Check out Eomac at  Oscillate from midnight tonight.
On Sunday night Ancient Methods (or Asian Meth Heads, as I like to call him) is playing at Berghain.  Go there if you want to feel like you've gone to some sort of underground party bunker on the set of the film Donnie Darko.

Asian Meth -- I mean Ancient Methods, has the most killer samples of any DJ that I have ever heard, cut an queued to fit his neurotically dark style like an Exacto knife. There's a pretty steady techno bass running through all that he plays too.

But by far the best thing about him is his biography on Resident Advisor.  Other DJ's  will obsessively tell us about how many underground parties they've played and how many big names they've rubbed shoulders with, or even what colour of skinny jeans they like to wear... all the while avoiding telling you what actual style of music they play. Ancient Methods is more straightforward than that, with a bio that simply reads:

He's also a DJ who makes you feel like time has stopped.  The last time I saw him, he played a "2-hour" set that lasted for around 6 hours in Tresor's basement, to a womyn-dominated crowd.  (Anybody who claims that chicks don't dig the harder tunes obviously was not present there.)

We all know that the party has to end eventually but the feeling is what keeps it going while it lasts... and any of the above parties will give you a little piece of that.


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