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Berlingo: "Openair"

Berlin's club scene may be gritty and psychedelic but it is also strangely predictable, and often awash in disco-y house sounds.  Searching for events that have an underground, experimental feeling to match their underground, experimental decor can be a lot like exploring a three-dimensional "Where's Waldo" print (or maybe' you'd call it "Where's Weirdo" instead?).  

When I went to my first Sounds for Berlin openair party over a year ago, I thought I'd found the kind of party crew I'd been looking for since my arrival in Berlin.  They were open-minded, openair, friendly and native to the city.  They had a high quality sound system and high-energy DJs who played an unpredictable but balanced mix of sounds: tech house, hard techno, chillout.  There was even a bit of dark psytrance in there, somewhere.  So clearly they can walk the walk, do they talk the talk as well?  I spoke to Dragan from the city's most party-hardy crew to find out..…