Photo Blog: We are the Children of Zoo...

Berlin has two zoos, but its more exotic wildlife can be found on the streets in between them...

Even when there are bricks all around you, it's easy to forget that you're in a city, in Berlin - animistic figures seem to creep into the background from every angle.

Here is a roundup of some of the weirder & more wonderful creatures that have flown, hopped, prowled, slithered and trotted into view over the past few years, as I wandered around the city snapping pics. Feel free to share your own on Twitter @UnsceneBerlin or in the comment box below!

Bunnies as seen thru the eyes of streetartist Roa
The Easter Bunny, as seen through the eyes of streetartist Roa

Bikes don't have a rearview mirror, so people have to find a more creative place for their fluffy toys.

Seen at a demonstration that had nothing to do with unicorns, whatsoever.

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Wild things used to come out of the woodwork at Zapata bar (R.I.P.)

The elephant in the room at Brunnen 70

The Berlin Bear had a night on the tiles, it seems.

Still not sure what this was meant to be, but it's kind of cute

The "Smile" Cat

Where the Wild Things Are: Berlin.

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