Preview: Am Boden's Balaclava Ballroom

Fidelity Kastrow plays Friday @ Mensch Meier
I've written here a few times about Mensch Meier, the multi-purpose party space that's near to Landsberger Allee, but they've been putting on such a wide variety of events in the past year that it's getting pretty damn hard to sum the place up in just a few lines.

If you're curious what the Mensch Meier phenomenon is all about, this weekend may be a good time to get down there and get a feel for exactly what kind of place it is.

This Friday, Nachtasyl's party 'Am Boden' will serve up several Mensch Meier specialties at once (several, but not all).  It will have decadence, a dark theatrical flair, a generous helping of left-wing ethics plus lots of banging, subversive tunes.  Experimental / dark / rough techno, disco and dubtechno are all on the menu.  

The Princess of Death. Friday @ Mensch Meier

The organizers say they have "been organizing raves in abandoned basements and houses" since 2013 and fittingly, their party motto is "using the unused". And when you see acts like The Princess of Death appear onstage dressed like they've dredged a darkroom gutter for discarded party accessories, playing music that sounds like it's been ripped up and stuck back together again using attitude in place of glue, you might just understand what they mean.

Nachtasyl says that this party will be driven by two main principles which, in their own words, are:

#1: We want to make an intensive and thoughtful party that makes you dance to rough and dark Techno sounds as well as making you enjoy atmospheric and experimental Beat- and Disco-sets. We want to design a space that gives you the chance to escape.

#2: We want to make a good party for the sake of a good party. We don't want to make money. We are donating 50% of our profit to "You can't break a Movement", a Rote Hilfe e.V. project that pays legal fees for regugees and refugee
activists. The other 50% will be saved up to lower our personal risks and cover expenses for the next edition of the party.

To put it another way, this isn't so much a benefit party as it as a ball for the balaclava-wearing set.

Check out Am Boden this Friday January 22nd at Storkower Strasse 121. Doors open 11:00 p.m. Entrance costs 10.00 Euros. Enjoy!


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