Review: Free Openairs Day in Berlin

When: August 1, 2015.

Where: All around Berlin: in the woods, in an abandoned building and a few other sites.

Why: Free Open Airs Day was both a celebration of free open air techno parties in Berlin, and a protest against police repression of open air parties.  For more details about the concept, please see this post. 

Who: There were a number of sound systems involved in Free Open Air Day, but this particular party was done by Zuruck Zu Den Wurzeln (Back to the Roots).  They're a popular party crew which draws hundreds of idealistic Berliners (both indigenous and imported) to dance to techno, psytrance, and tech house in the fields.  Their events are very popular because they're well-organized and can easily beat some of the clubs in the city for the quality of their lights, sound and atmosphere. 

What: Atmosphere-wise, the party was safe, child-friendly, liberal and had a mix of nationalities, races, genders and ages.  The dancefloor was a tight-knit group of friendly nutters who were full of energy, laughter and miscellaneous other happy chemicals.  About 70 people were there at the start, but many more turned up during the night.

Music-wise, this was one of the most energetic openair parties I've been to in Berlin.  People were flinging themselves around like gypsies to DJ Little Kris who egged them on with a neverending stream of frantic tunes.  His set was a tight mix of new skool & old skool techno, with a touch of psy and hard house thrown in.  He seemed to specialize in finding quirky samples that made people wonder what they were hearing as it made them bounce compulsively on the dancefloor. 

How: do you find out about more stuff like this?  You keep on reading this blog!

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  1. Hi anu underground parties happening on weekend of 25th and 26th September? Cheers

  2. If you mean openair parties, then the answer is probably no, unfortunately. The weather's too iffy now for most people to do openair events. I do post most of my party tips on Twitter though, so please follow @UnsceneBerlin while you're in town to find out what's going on that night. (If you don't have Twitter, you can also read my tweet feed in the sidebar of this blog).



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