Photoblog: Silent Climate Parade 2014

Parade passes by the Berliner Dom

When was it: Sunday, September 21st at 2:00 p.m.

Where was it: Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor, in Berlin's Mitte

What happened: Several thousand Berliners donned headphones and danced their way through the streets while listening to live DJ mixes and short speeches about climate change, that were being broadcast over the headsets.  Organizers also coordinated a 'crowd tsunami'... basically, that's a giant version of the Mexican wave.  By that point the parade had covered the whole length of Unter den Linden and the effect of the wave was pretty awesome.  
Everything at the parade was environmentally-friendly, too, from the electric tuk-tuk vehicles used by the DJs and drink sellers, to the balloons and even the toilets at the end of the parade. 

Why was it: The UN conference on climate change starts on September 23rd in New York.  September 21st was therefore chosen as a global day of action, when 2,808 demonstrations were held across the world.  The aim is to show the leaders gathering in New York that the public is running out of patience with official apathy toward tackling climate change.  

Who was there: Thousands of concerned people from all walks of life, ages, races and faiths.

How has it changed things? I suppose we'll find out next week...

Highlight: Taking off my headphones and realizing just how surreal the sight of thousands of dancing, cheering people looks when you can't hear the music playing in the background.  Also: the festival at Brandenburger Tor with bands, stalls and a sound system.  A simple-but-effective, fusion of flashmob action, urgency and passion to make change. 

Installation at Brandenburger Tor

WWF activists pose with panda bear while a familiar face from a previous blog entry passes by

Dancing demonstrators on Unter den Linden

Cyclist sign

Sign thrown together by yours truly in about 20 minutes (!)

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