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Whether you've just stumbled out of bed, a club, a bar or a plane, you are probably looking for something to do this sunny Sunday afternoon in Berlin.  Well, you've come to the right place! Here are three tips from Unscene:

If your morning coffee is looking a bit like the flyer above, then I suggest you get down to R19 (Revaler Strasse 19, near Ostkreuz) right off the bat, and check out their progressive, psychedelic trance party.  Entrance is by donation and smiles are free!  This slightly-off-the-beaten-track venue is very laid back and friendly and it has a small garden, plus some very nice visuals. It's an ideal place to let your mind float after a hard night of clubbing. 

The '10' Exhibition at Berghain Halle.  You'll have to go there to see those photos close up!

If you get turned away from Berghain today and still feel like giving them some money afterward just to say "Gee, thanks for that!" be sure to check out the exhibition "10" at the Berghain Halle, located right next door.  Halle is not a part of the main club, but it kind of looks like a squatty mirror-image of it.  I think they should turn this Halle place into a second club, with no door price, no face check, and send all the people who got turned away from Berghain there for a laugh.  But what would they call it?  "Barghain", of course...

But let's get back to the exhibit at Halle: the installations are few, select and they are tend towards queer, Laboratory-club themes. Picture abstract images of dicks, staged shots of cross dressers and bondage-gear wallpaper.

That's one half of the exhibition, anyway - the other half is made up of whimsical decorative pieces that play with lights and reflections.  They look like they could be club decor in and of themselves.  The empty spaces around each installation make pretty decent spots to linger and chat in relative peace, and muse over the fact that places like this are exactly like what a techno club used to look like.  Maybe they should turn it into a permanent exhibit, a monument to vanished subcultures of days gone past.

Mauer Park
As I was reminded recently by a friend, Mauer Park's flea market has made the list of endangered 'real Berlin' sites.  That and the fact that this is one of the last Sundays in August should give you a great reason to go down to Bernauer Strasse and have a look around.

Mauer Park is a stretch of the former Death Strip that was turned into a park because nobody wanted to live there... well, who would, right?  Aside from the masses of soulless yuppies that have recently moved in there, I mean.

Part of this strip was turned into a flea market 25 years ago, and the rest of the strip has been left as a green space for free public use.  Since then, both the park and the flea market have organically grown to become highlights of the area.  Yet corporate investors have now started circling like vultures, wondering what new, overpriced nests they can set down on top of this historical carnage.  Who needs culture when you can just shop until yet another sweat-shop factory drops? 

But anyway.  Try not to think about that, or sing your woes out at the infamous Bearpit Karaoke session instead.

Have a great weekend... while you can!

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