Club Alien Facebook Page R.I.P.!

I have unfortunately just joined the growing ranks of people who can no longer use my Facebook page.  I logged in today to learn that my page, Club Alien Berlin, had been unpublished by the technological genii at Facebook (because we all know how they just love to change our default settings every time the system's downgraded changed).  Also today, I learned that the new 'publish page' button, which is supposed to fix this issue, does not work.  No, not even if you press it 37 times (and counting)!

Since none of my Facebook updates are currently available to the public you can probably see how it doesn't make sense to keep on posting nightlife tips on it.  So if you have come to this blog in search of listings, please continue to do so in the future.  If you want updates on the go, please find me on Twitter (@UnsceneBerlin).  I LOVE Twitter and try to update it whenever I am out and about and see something interesting. If you are on the town in Berlin and want a random crazy idea of something to do in Berlin, check it out!  @UnsceneBerlin.


Miss E

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