Review: May(hem)Day 2013

Despite the hipsters in clashing colours, the smoke-drenched greenery, the dance channels choked with urban debris, and soundclashes discharging like incendiary devices on every corner, this May Day was one of the most peaceful yet.  It was also one of the most homogenous, musically-speaking.  Barring a Balkan beats band and a speedcore rig (both of them found so late in the day that it was technically tomorrow already), the tech-house of yesteryear ruled the May Day of yesterday.  
But Mindgrrrind, Anuki and Miss E all had a blast meeting, interviewing and photographing the approachable & articulate partiers descending on Kreuzberg for the workers' celebration.  Their comments left us all thinking hard about consumer culture, apathy and the ever-present 'gentrification' and more reports from those discussions are sure to follow.
So, does Berlin's May 1st revel still have any rebels to speak of?  
You be the judge!


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