Heaven and Hell at Himmelfahrt

I knew Himmelfahrt, or Ascension day, had begun when I spotted a group of guys dressed as Superman drinking shots from a bar-on-wheels that they'd set up in front of Zoo station, at 10 a.m.  Just after my day finally ended at 10 p.m., I passed a group of crusty left wingers who were being taken on by an aggressive preppie.  (Apparently he thought that they said 'heil Hitler' to him, which is a pretty creative excuse for a punch-up). 
Himmelfahrt is a supposedly religious public holiday in Germany.  In other Christian countries its a day for prayer but here, it's a day for getting nowhere on the trains because people keep falling in front of them piss-drunk, and starting fights on the platform; a day when people are spilling drinks on you left right and center, and you have a very high chance of witnessing or getting caught up in a mindless punch-up.  Basically, it's a special holiday set aside for the same tiresome behaviours we see daily on the evening news or at sporting events.
In between these typical Himmelfahrt scenes that I saw that sunny, humid day - good natured silliness, to mass male drunkenness on testosterone overdrive - I escaped into the perfect refuge of a speedcore/breakcore party near to Treptow.  A crowd with no particular affilidation with one gender, religion or nationality over the other, it had an anything-goes atmosphere that wasn't forced and the music was as non-stereotypical as the people there... which makes a far better cause for celebration, as these pictures show.  Enjoy!   

Nearby mural

All genders and ages welcome!

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