Party Report: Open Air @ Jannowitzbrucke 17.03.2013

The venue: an uncomplicated, abandoned-rail-arch-style club space with patio dance floor @ Jannowitzbrucke 

The music: thumping, upbeat techno & spacey, breaky house. 

The crowd: crammed but accommodating & dressed to cut loose. Mainly young and bright eyed, but mixed in with enough seasoned party faces to keep a 'college party' vibe at bay.  50/50 mix of guys and girls.  Few voyeurs.

The crew: were like part of the crowd - unrepressive and enjoying the high spirits in the air

The atmosphere: energetic, friendly and uninhibited, especially after the patio started to empty out around 6:00 p.m. and there was more space to move. Indoors was more club than open air, dark and striving for an industrial feel. 

The time: started at 3 p.m. and it was still going strong at 10 p.m when we left.

The cost: 5 Euros was a bit high for an open air party but not bad value for the size and indoor space.

The sound: a bit blurry at times, but sound system didn't obscure good tune selection by DJs working hard to keep the crowd on its feet.    

Highlights: the never-ending pillow fight on the outdoor dancefloor; striking up random banter about airbenders, Thailand, and garden spiders with smiley strangers.

Our verdict: a fun, unpretentious Sunday party!


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