Preview: Escape from the Mild Kingdom

Berlin's club scene can be a bit blah in February and that's why, this week, I'm taking my hat off to party people that are making an extra effort to keep it surreal.

It was bound to happen eventually: a night fusing clubbing with opera and classical music.  This Friday all of the above will be melted down into a fluid new concept at the abandoned pool venue of Stattbad Wedding, on Gerichtstrasse.  
The clinical tiles of a pool space seem ideal for an hour-long original performance entitled Insanity, a "dark, disturbing tale of a woman’s descent into madness, as she struggles to deal with a mysterious and tragic event in her past," (well, the name was kind of a giveaway).  "The timeless theme of insanity will be explored, evoking the chaos of a tortured consciousness." Sounds like the average winter day's train ride to work, but at least this one should have a better-looking crowd.
The opera will feature live music by Gesualdo, Handel, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Bach, Britten & more.  There is a classical-free after party on both dates.

On Friday, there is a mask ball at Ressort in Invalidenstrasse.  The event features DJs, live music, food, jugglers, an exhibition and live painting.  So that should keep even the most attention deficit punters amused for a good half an hour, let alone those of us with a proper attention span.

The mask theme continues at Fabelwesen on Friday, a night of masked and veiled mythical creatures in some sort of secret venue labyrinth.  More of the (un)usual, in other words!  Get the address for that one by registering here
One of Fabelwesen's venues


Here's wishing you a mellow-dramatic weekend!

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  1. Nice Blog ! just found it coincidently!
    The Stattbad seems to change a little and a lot more shows seem to happen and how cool is it to use this venue for skating !
    I am looking forward to really aweome events there !


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