Preview: Silvester Savvy

I've been getting plenty of requests for New Year's Eve tips for Berlin and have been reluctant to provide any suggestions for two simple reasons: 1) I won't be around and 2) frankly, cheap underground parties are as rare as hen's teeth at New Year's Eve.  December 31st is probably the only time of year when the average Easyjet setter is actually better off staying home, as party prices rise enough to offset any of those great deals that they fly across Europe in the hope of finding.  It's a day when buses, tents, backyards and probably even large cardboard boxes sitting unattended in alleys will suddenly be converted, with the aid of a disco ball and a bouncer, into 'venues' charging for entry.

New Year's Eve (Silvester as it's known in Germany) is all about finding a place that offers the best quality of experience for the relatively high price.  The Burning Man New Year's Eve party at Urban Spree seems to cover a lot of bases.  Although it has nothing to do with the festival - as demonstrated by the 15 Euro entrance fee - its organizers do seem to share the Burner spirit.  The two rooms of DJs and live acts that will run the gamut from funk show to freakshow.  There will be roast pig (vegetarians be warned) and other assorted roasted foods, dancers, fire breathing and fireworks.  Oh, and did I mention the towering, flaming wicker man sculpture?  Anyone who is afraid of not finding the venue can simply follow the beacon from Warschauer Strasse S-bahn.  Urban Spree is a rambling, art-splashed venue with plenty of space and a more pensive, freestyle crowd than would be found in nearby clubs like the Matrix. Party starts at 7 p.m.

There is also a free party happening at a mysterious, nameless 'new club' at Gabelsbergerstr. 8, also in Friedrichshain.  The adventurous could give it a try and still find plenty of other places to go nearby, if the party doesn't pan out (like Burning Man for example).  Starts at 11:00 p.m.

Fiese Remise in Kopenicker Strasse, Kreuzberg is also having an impromptu opening: they'll be unearthing a subterranean second dance floor called 'Bunker'.  Upstairs they'll be playing the usual tech house/minimal stuff to a friendly, worldly crowd (A&O Hostel is just across the road).  Nothing specific is listed for the bunker room but it probably won't be like "The Bunker" of nineties Berlin hardcore fame.  Glitter and gabba don't go well together.

Elektronischeszweisamkeit (try saying that 3 times fast, haha) is taking over part of Mauer Park for what will be an unruly, politicized party full of  intense tunes, intense people, and intense fun... That starts at 9 p.m. and costs just 5 euros.  Recommended if you think you can handle the weather - and their parties, which are a full-on blast of Berlin's surreal summer spirit.

Guten Rusch everyone... see ya next year!


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