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I thought that my previous Preview would sum up the first two weeks  in November quite neatly.  Well apparently, I thought wrong!  Late additions to this weekend's party recommendations have been pouring in through my wireless router so fast that I think it's actually starting to melt... kind of like my brain, which has been working overtime to keep up.

Experimental dub techno will join forces with wobbling, twisted vocals and confuse everybody in the room as one half of the Swedish duo Telebild takes to the decks tonight, at  Du Alter Schweder in Eschloraque. That should make for a good talking point - not that it's generally difficult to  talk to strangers and this comfy alt.Berlin lounge bar.  The flow of unpretentious out-of-towners is pretty constant, thanks to the Monster Kabinett underground-tourist-attraction that's situated next door.  

Tomorrow, Zero2Nine will be taking over Cube Club in Neukölln for a night of pristinely erratic beats by Drumcode DJs, playing on a Funktion 1 sound system.  The main difference between a Funktion 1 and a regular sound system, for those of you who are unsure, is that the number of people trying to stick their heads into Funktion 1 speakers at parties* is generally much larger.  In other words, the sound should be music to your ears - until they stop working.  

On Saturday, Liquid  Sky Berlin will be playing psychedelic electro acoustic and jamming electronically.  Think Krautrock meets techno.  And their 'secret location' venue is a sight worth seeing, too.  Sign up on their website for the mailing list to get the details.

Saturday sees another psychedelic electronic act, this time playing dark dub and dubstep.   Psychedelic Orchestra and Braintheft will be steaming up the sultry Badehaus Szimpla in Revaler Strasse this Saturday. I'd just like to point out that they have a new album out called Berlintendo, because it has a funny name.

And while I'm recommending parties for no other reason than their funny names, I should probably mention Sex & Death: a Celebration of sex, Death, Music, Birthdays, Scorpios and Wedding.  That's at the canal side venue Panke in Wedding and it's also on Saturday.  The party consists of just three DJs who are claiming that they will 'join the dots' between every style of music known to mankind in the space of one night (I wonder if there's a Guiness Book Of World Records entry for that kind of thing). Entrance is free.

That's it for this weekend, really... I'm unplugging my wireless router!

*Club Alien reminds her readers that wearing speakers as a hat can be detrimental to one's health

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