Turning SADness to Madness

Photos of Monsterkabinett, Berlin
Monster Kabinett pic courtesy of Trip Advisor
This week, I really started noticing how short the days are.  There is a certain amount of sadness (especially  for those of you with Seasonal Affective Disorder) that comes with knowing the summer's finished but, in Berlin, there is a certain amount of playful madness to go with it.  Take, for example, the fact that  BumBum Techno  (that's pronounced 'Boom-Boom' for all you English readers) have suddenly reappeared to do a party.  Yey!  You've just gotta love any crew with the chutzpah to do a Christmas party in April, like these guys have.  Not only that, but these Hamburgers play techno that's good enough to eat, even if you're a vegetarian.  If you're a fan of the unexpected and in Prenzlauer Berg this Saturday, then I recommend trying out their free party at Saarbrucker Strasse 23.  I haven't the foggiest idea what kind of highjinx they're up to this time - god knows their website was of little help there - but hey, for no price whatsoever, you've got nothing to lose by checking it out.

Just around the corner from that  party (sort of)  is Brunnen 70, where Wedding Present will be hosting a reliably danceable, underground techno/house room alongside an array of arts, disco, museum artifacts and other curiosities, in a rabbit's warren that the Mad Hatter himself would be proud of.  As an extra special treat, my ex-colleague and fellow Gegen-goer Benjjamin Spalding will be preaching in the club's "living room", where plenty of other perversions of the spoken word medium will no doubt occur.  I can't wait to watch that (even though I'll have to do so via YouTube the morning after... I have to work).   Deal alert: it's five euros on the door before midnight.

If you're around the Mitte on Saturday night, Eschloraque is doing a late night event of "acidgrungecore-hooliganism" and other musical mania, arranged by the artists Dr. Walker and Ed2000, pictured below and right. Immediately across the yard from Eschlorage is the Monster Kabinett labyrinth, which may be the best example of creative weirdness that still exists in Berlin (page top)

So those of you who are seeking further evidence that cabin fever is once again returning to grip the city need look no further than this blog.  Not only are there parties weird enough to capture this reviewer's attention again, but I'm also feeling brave enough to publish my thoughts about them again, too.  Even my therapist agrees that this is a real breakthrough in my recovery from the summer's hangover.

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  1. thanks a lot for the support and it was great to meet you at the event . auf bald :-)


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