DJ Wanted!

The DJ in this photo is male but females are VERY welcome to apply!
Club Alien has a vacancy for the role of Musical Chaos Co-ordinator, beginning on a randomly-designated date in Spring 2013. Duration of contract will be 2 hours. Salary according to experience (this is NOT an unpaid internship!)

The Role: You will be joining a team of Acid Ambassadors from London who possess a solid track record of inciting disordered euphoria at a range of vacant & derelict locations. Working alongside them, you will deliver a set of trippy rhythmic techno / breakbeats to a open-minded, wide-eyed dance floor in Berlin.

The Candidate:

*Will be an unpretentious, Germany-based DJ that doesn't carry any minimal tunes in her/his record bag and wouldn't wear drainpipe jeans. Ever.

*Will be a coinesseur of techno, street parties, graffiti, and radical thinking.

*Should ideally have been to/played at free parties before and have connections within the Berlin techno scene.

*Should preferably be acquainted with labels such as Stay Up Forever, Hydraulix etc... as well as all the other, ahem, aspects of the U.K. squat party scene.

If this sounds like you then we want to know how you sound! Send your details & mix to  If we like what we hear, we'll give you a chance to deafen us with your talent in early 2013.

Please note that this will be a legal event


  1. Ah dudes this sounds crazy..I am in Romania tho.. still sending you a sample of my work :P this is my creation enjoy :


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