Silent Climate Parade: A Green Party

Something big is happening but nobody's talking about it. The weather follows no longer follows any discernible pattern; species are being deleted like environmental-protection expenditures from a budget sheet; the environment is being eaten away at the edges while our gaze is fixated on one media spectacle after another.  This Saturday, a mass of people will silently dance their way through the streets of Berlin to draw attention to the fact that climate change carries on, whether we talk about it or not.

 It's strongly recommended that people who go to tomorrow's Silent Climate Parade (which will feature DJ sets played silently to a headphone-wearing parade) bring placards, banners, or broadcast their climate concerns in another way to make sure they're 'heard' loud and clear.   We wouldn't want the message to get lost on all the car drivers the parade will hold up... car drivers whose activities contribute so much stress to the natural systems of the Earth, as well as to the more immediate systems of the city.

You can collect your headphones in exchange for an I.D., at Neptunbrunnen, Alexanderplatz, tomorrow from 12:00 p.m.  DJ's from Bar 25 (they must have access to a time machine because I could have sworn that place doesn't exist anymore) will be playing.  Silently, of course.  Parade starts at 14:00.

Despite my snarkasm, I am actually intrigued by the parade concept and will make an appearance there, with a banner in hand.  I wonder what should I write on it? Some suggestions from the web below...



  1. Here's the recap video from last saturday:


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