Preview: Contort @ Mindpirates this Sunday

Contort at Mindpirates in Kreuzberg is really coming into its own. For the past six months, this Golden Temple of sound, which comes complete with its own Mexican-style altar, has been hosting an irregular Sunday afternoon chillout session of high-integrity, electronic experimentation. You can check out a more detailed description of the last Contort here.

Mindpirates is an intimate space with lots of seating spread across three floors - basically, a complex of chillout rooms like the ones that used to be mandatory at all the big underground clubs but, strangely, enough, have become nearly extinct. Mindpirates is set up to encourage intimacy and casual conversation with your neighbours, and puts everybody on the same level as the artists playing, who tend to skip back and forth between the 'stage' and the audience.

This weekend, Mindpirates will be letting big names Cristian Vogel and Milton Bradley loose in Mindpirates' sonic sandbox without any of their favourite techno toys. I'm really curious to see what strange castles they construct! As always, Contort is free and starts at 12 p.m.

So: big names, free entry, and a vast number of people already signed up for this event. Why am I even bothering to tip this blog's readers off about Contort? Hmm.... maybe just because it's one of the most worthwhile events I've seen advertised for this weekend and helping people find the best parties is what this blog is all about ;-)

See you there.

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