Rainbow Warriors: CSD 2012 in Photos

Some people say that the official Christopher Street Day parade is nothing but an excuse to dress up, get wasted and dance in the streets. I say, if you're going to do something you should at least do it right, and last Saturday's CSD "demo" showed that the city's queer scene succeeded, with bells on.  Literally, in some cases! The parade was a nonstop parade of amazing costumes, bubbling sekt and theatrical, exhibitionist ass-shaking.

The highlight of the parade was the gaudy, glittery and just-a-tad gritty Alles Farben float which led an avid hoard of dancers a merry chase through the streets of Kreuzberg and Tiergarten; a teknival on wheels. The lowlight was probably the U.S.A. float that had a camp Statue of Liberty on top. "Homosexuality was only decriminalized in Texas in 2004!?" fumed my friend Andreas as we gawped at it in passing. There were also the usual corporate floats competing for free publicity, but those with the strongest following were the floats that put the focus of the parade back on the people that it was clearly intended for: the dancing queens of Berlin.
You should have been there! If you weren't, then check out the photos below for some of the day's visual highlights. Enjoy.


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