Preview: Weekend Recommendations

"Gegen U will turn you inside out only to reveal that your intestines are made of beautiful carnivorous flowers." I ask you, with media packs like these, who needs nightmares to keep them awake at night? Gegen seems to be the David Lynch of the club scene: it scripts both the scenery and the soundtrack that makes our subconscious wanna squelch into the slimelight.
To get to their party this Friday, simply follow the chalk sidewalk arrows from S/U Bahnhof Frankfurter Allee and then listen for the sound of boundaries collapsing and intestines... er, blossoming.
Unlike the upcoming Souterrain party at Stattbad, most of Berlin's really underground parties don't bother advertising the fact in their name. Check this one out at Scharnweberstr. 38 in Friedrichshain if you love techno and hate to revel without a cause. The Antira benefit features some of those lovely, militant about:blank's DJs too.
C.R.A.S.H. is doing techno & dubstep this Saturday, a pairing of styles that I haven't heard played together in the same place since I was in London. And what a great venue for it - the ramshackle Revaler rave shack called Rosi's (alliteration ahoy). It's likely you'll forget what you were hoping to hear before you leave but that's all part of the fun, innit?
Also on Saturday, Wedding Present returns with music for all sorts of people: gay, straight, black, white, festival, teknival, oldskool, Fool School... in fact it might actually be harder not to find something that you enjoy at this party. The addition of a Barfuss DJ to the playlist has put this party at the top of my 'definitely maybe' list for almost-sure. (Deliberately vague, moi?)
As always I'll be adding any exciting parties that I hear about last-minute to the list and telling you about them, via this blog or via Twitter @ClubAlienBerlin. Feel free to send me your party suggestions too!
Over n' out.... n' out... n'out...
Top right photo courtesy of Brunnen 70's facebook page


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