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Just before I went on staycation to Berlin I signed up to a mailing list for a London 'invite only' party called Bodyhammer. Never got the chance to check it out but two and a half years later, I'm still getting regular emails & tracing the trajectory of the club's growth. Maybe unduly, I feel like that I know what these guys are all about: old skool light shows, special guest appearances, secret locations and a funkier, trashier 303 vibe than you'd find in the trendy East end clubs.

Their latest email caught my eye with its announcement that their upcoming June Bank Holiday party will take place in Hackney Wick, an area that features largely in some of my fondest squat party memories. If it's not already gentrified then it is should still be clearing the smokey haze from more than a decade of illegal rave action from its eyes. I'd like to see it again and since I can't make it to the party myself, I'd strongly suggest anybody who's in town that weekend check it out too.
The price is authentically Hackney-style too... only 5 quid in advance. Bargain!

If any of my Anglo readers decide to give this party a whirl(y-gig) please drop me a line &let me know what happens.  I'd welcome your words, photos, soundclips, whatever!

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