Review:Halfway Down the Rabbit-hole

The cold weather this last weekend definitely put a freeze on my plans for openair exploring but it did not stop me from going out entirely. I dropped into pretty decent happenings in Prenzlauerberg and Wedding as well.

Last weekend's snow flurries sent the Easter bunny scampering back to his burrow, but the rest of Berlin's party menagerie chose to take refuge in an altogether different sort of underground: a place as full of talking animals and sideshow acts as the flipside of the looking glass.
On Friday, I spotted a lady in a Raggedy-Ann style wig waving midget-sized parasols among the tipsy-turvy masses at a chilly openair in the Wuhleheide side of town. Stumbling hungover to work the next night, I found myself chatting up a charming stilt-walker outside of Dazzle Club before he got sick of me and swept me down the stairs into the vault with his comedy umbrella. The cave-like, subterranean venue was packed with fans of some experimental subpop band that was playing live, barely visible through the fake smoke on the dance floor.

Later on, in another basement club in Brunnen Strasse, I danced to tribal techno with the elephant man and a mime... I know, how predictable can you get?!
Even though the Easter Bunny wasn't around that didn't stop Berlin from taking a shallow dive down the rabbit hole. What about you? Did you spend your weekend hibernating or hyperventilating in the underbelly of the club scene? Leave a comment to tell me about it below...
Below & right: This hut lay at the end of my openair Easter-egg hunt... along with funky techno, friendly people and free beer (not shown)


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