LB54 Bleibt?

Right now Berlin's party-hardy dissidents have their focus trained on the slow and painful, piece by piece dissection of Tacheles. So I guess it's almost understandable that they have forgotten all about other art squats in town that are facing exactly the same fate: Landsberger 54, for instance.

This late 19th century Friedrichshain brewery has served as a haven for disaffected, uncommercial but friendly artists since 1990. It was officially closed down a few months ago to make way for yet another apartment complex. The artists evacuated, leaving a stunning array of mural and graffiti art stranded upon the building's inner walls when they did. But the place still has a pulse and it can sometimes be heard when you're passing by it late at night: faint and fast like the heartbeat of a shock victim. Klick club (formerly the Villa) may be dark, derelict and reclusive but that is exactly what makes this haunting venue a perfect recreation of Berlin's squat scene.

Come and get a glimpse yourself this Saturday and drop by 'If you were waiting for a sign, this is it' at Klick Club, Landsberger Allee 54. The party will feature an array of delights so superlative that they can only be hinted at in phrases like, " We already experimenting with our decoration to let the ClickKlub become an appropriate theater" and "our acoustic feel-good-team will be supported by colorful surprise guests". (But maybe Google Translate just failed to do its job yet again...)

It's probably best to go without any expectations at any rate, and take whatever comes in stride. Berlin nightlife is meant to be an adventure and those who would have it any other way are merely getting in the way. Perfect example? All those corporate investment hacks who can't wait to start developping places like LB54 and Tacheles so they can claim their guaranteed, long-term, high yield returns, or whatever the hell they're calling it now. It's all just another word for greed.

Speaking of greed, there may be a few more anti-development-rally-'parties' at LB54 in the coming weeks like a recent one that was apparently held at 4 a.m., to protest the site's impending closure. I will keep my their eyes peeled and ears to the ground so that I can pass on the details here when I hear about them.

One other thing that I'm looking forward to this weekend is so comercial I'm embarrassed to say it... but it involves a six hour set by someone whose name rhymes with "Deaf Thrills". Whatever - I know I'll be having fun so you should make sure you do the same!


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