Review: Golden Gate

So there I was at Golden Gate's Sand und Seide party last Friday night, dancing hard on a fully-packed dance floor when it suddenly dawned on me: "Hey - this would be the perfect time to send a tweet out from my new twitter account!" So I switched on my phone, opened the menu and then realized that I had forgotten to install the Twitter app. D'oh!

It was a fun, tightly-packed night. Due to lack of space, it was not easy to photograph but then, Golden Gate is nothing if not a sonic experience. Daniel Schwarz from Polynom in Jena played a leisurely techno-house set, followed by some crispy techno action by Mutlu and a smooth but intense Balearic-style set by Luis Ondo, who is one of the friendliest faces in Berlin's party scene.

I had been planning to leave the club before 6:00 a.m. but at some point, I found myself staring at a watch and asking myself how it could possibly be 10:00 a.m. Those seven hours on the dance floor raced by so fast that I might not have believed that they'd really happened, if not for the ache in my feet. It's been ages since I danced that long though, so I was actually kind of happy about the pain. And nothing spells "great party" like a grinning, limping dancer who can barely make it to the U-Bahn station.

Thanks again to all the lovely new people I met, including Irene and Micha from Polynom. Hope to see (and hear) you all again soon! Am especially looking forward to the release of a new single called Dizzy Leopard... I wonder where they got that name from!

Until next time...


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