@ClubAlienBerlin: Free Party Updates On The Go

Time to repeat that old stereotype that you hear every new year: it's time for Club Alien to try out something new!  This January, I will be test-driving the new Club Alien Twitter account whenever I go out on the town. The general idea is to keep my readers up-to-date with party info live from the streets of Berlin. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting, it's always good to have an insider at the place you're headed who can answer questions like, how big is the queue? Are the bouncers turning people away?  Are the DJs as good as everybody said they'd be? With @ClubAlienBerlin you'll get gossip, mini-reviews, photos and more to help point you in the right direction... and away from the wrong one!  

Don't be left out in the cold this winter - make sure to add @ClubAlienBerlin to your 'follow' list before you leave the house.

Oh, and... Happy New Year!

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