Preview: Mambo to the Danse Macabre

October 31st is a day when the underworld opens its gates and spirits are free to walk among the living. In order to keep those mischievous entities distracted so that they don't disturb the living, people don wacky outfits, dish out brightly-coloured goodies, play strange music and stay up really late. Come to think of it, Hallowe'en is not all that different from any other night in Berlin - but it does have a unique history and a damn cool name. In this city, that's more than enough cause for a celebration...

To help my readers keep their own party demons distracted, I have compiled a list of all the Halloween parties happening this weekend. There will be enough costumes, beats, tricks and treats on offer at the following clubs to reanimate even the deadest of party spirits.

First up is the Irrational Hallowe'en Bash at Arena on Saturday October 29th. At 10 euros, it's the most expensive party in this preview but Arena is serving up some terribly tempting treats for tricksters who turn up in tormented togs. Dressed-up partiers will get priority entrance, complimentary drinks and free face-painting. The soundsystem and DJs at Arena should be frighteningly good, too.

On the same night, the Neon Raiders Halloween Spookshow rises up from the catacombs at Zur Moebel Fabrik. This event aims to reel in the revenants with a playlist that looks like it was patched together by Dr. Frankenstein himself: "Electrotrash, Apocalipstick Folk, Punk Funk, Industrial Hop and Funky Gothic" are listed among its mutant styles. For six euros you, too, can explore the darker avenues of elektro amid the ruins of this Mitte furniture store.

The record labels
Barcode and Subviolence will also go head-to-head in the murky depths of Subland this Saturday night. Dark, bassy rhythms and wraithlike melodies will battle for dominion of the club's underworld cellar. You had better arrive in fancy dress though, or else you'll be paying the ferryman eight euros for safe passage through the door!

Also on Saturday (which is cracking up to be one "Hell" of a busy night for tekno trick-or-treaters) the Berlin Mitte Institut hosts a party night(mare) in Kreuzberg.
According to the advert, the party will feature vile DJs, zombie barmaids and creepy techno. Hmm, sounds a lot like your typical night at the Matrix - but with a much better sense of humour! The black mass will be held in the Backyard of a "haunted" house in Kreuzberg and it will begin at the witching hour. By the way, did you know that the name Kreuzberg translates into "Cross Mountain" in English? Now that really is Gothic... and with the Berlin Mitte Institut there, I think it will be quite funky too.

On Sunday, Loftus Hall is putting on a Hallowe'en special of its own. I'm not sure what its highlights include but I do expect the organizers to find a way to brighten up the darkest holiday of the year. During my previous visits to Kleine Reise (which was Loftus Hall's predecessor) I witnessed some appallingly amusing antics. The cost to rave upon this particular grave will be eight euros a head... you'll have to pay extra to bring the rest of the body in, though. (Joke)

Edit: Alt Stralau 70 has announced that it will be holding a Dia de los Muertos party this Saturday. The club has opted to up the cultural ante by celebrating the Latin American holiday instead of its Anglo-Saxon counterpart. Creative spirits arriving at this party will be honoured instead of getting chased away... especially if they pay their respects to the undead dress code! Specials include a cabaret, bloody glitzer girls and video installations. We may not be in Mexico but the visuals should be no less piquant than they are down south.

If you still need some help getting into the mood to 'mambo to the danse macabre', be sure to check out Rammbock before heading out this weekend; it's Berlin's answer to 28 Days Later. But beware! The film may leave some viewers too spooked to leave the safety of their homes.

Have a wicked weekend... heheheh.

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