Party Pics - October

This entry is really just an excuse for me to post some of the party pics I haven't had the chance to publish this month... and without further preamble, here they are. Enjoy!

Above: Entrance to Ritter Butzke, shot on the way into the club's "2 Years Lost" party on October 9th. I seem to have lost a couple of hours of my Sunday there too... and my umbrella! If you find any of the above items, please forward them to Ritterstrasse 24, c/o Club Alien.

Above: A last spurt of dancefloor activity jettisons forth from the Fountain of Youth on Sunday, October 16th, propelled by the techtonic beats of Foehn & Jerome. Photo taken at Stattbad Wedding. (By the way, if the barman is reading this, I have a question for you: "How much is that?")

Left: Berlin Mitte Institut threw a top-secret party at an unknown location in the middle of nowhere last weekend. At the beginning of the night, the crowd and the music were rather civilized but it all got very dirty towards the end. Just what I like. And what a friendly crowd! Can't wait for the next installment.

The party planners had clearly drawn upon the property's dereliction for their decoration inspiration. They lit up its abundance of extreterrestrial weeds to otherworldy effect (below).

In addition, there were a number of artifacts from the building's officious GDR past lying about. These included some old telephones, which looked as if they'd fallen off the S.S. Enterprise during a 1960's episode of Star Trek. This E.T. didn't feel the need to call home, though - warehouse parties are just another part of her native constellation.

See you next week...

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