Review: Krake Festival, Fuck Parade and more...

Above: gabba float with smoke machine at the Fuck Parade

Because I am blogging on the move this week, my entry may have assumed a rather jumbled look - apologies in advance. Unfortunately, my home internet is down so I am currently writing my blog in the library, next to a one of those lovely people who talks to herself in the absence of a hands-free set. Anyway, on with the weekend review... Was it the sunny weather? The looming end-of-summer holidays deadline? The raft of almost-cancelled outdoor events which went ahead at the last moment? Or a fortuitous combination of all of the above? Whatever the cause, last weekend in Berlin there was an outpouring of dance euphoria unlike any I've seen this summer. Everywhere you went, be it the streets, clubs, or the beaches, people were peeling layers of warm clothing off of glittering flesh and twisting away extravagant stupours, bare feet kissed by earth. Above: Mixmaster Morris playing acid house @ Suicide Circus August 20th

A friend was visiting from out of town so we started off calmly at the Krake Festival in Suicide Circus. There we listened to glitchy, psychedelic trance that would be best described in terms of a late 1980s Playstation game soundtrack. Mixmaster Morris came on as a headliner not long after we settled in the garden, and I just have to add here that the last time I came to the Krake festival, I came on the exact same night and saw the exact same DJ playing when I arrived. Completely unplanned coincidence. Spooky huh? Morris was dressed down this time; gone was his gold foil leisure suit, which made him the most psychedelic thing in the garden at 2010's Krake. But he was still clearly in charge of the crowd's mind trip, a flurry of motion behind the decks that made it impossible to get a clear shot of his face. After a quick pause to look at some of the new additions to the street gallery that is Revaler Strasse, we hopped in a cab to another, more passe club in Alt Stralau to hear some 'Henriette' House in gaudy, morality-free surroundings. The music lived up to my friend's somewhat fluffy expectations: Michal Zietara and The Swift ensured that he was still up long after the sun rose. We left as the perfect day for a street parade was dawning (actually it was more like the perfect midday for a street parade by that point): sunny, warm, with a light breeze. Like the weather, the city's parties were heating up...
Above: Dancing to Freedom @ Fuck Parade, August 20th

Above: Onlookers at the Fuck Parade, August 20th (presumably from Paris).

Next day I went to Rummelsburg Berlin for the Fly BerMuDa warm up party where, well, pretty much everything that I said at the beginning of this entry about stupours, sun, sweat and dancing, was applied as liberally as glitter everyone was wearing. The resulting pastiche of images cannot be adequately described with words, so I will let the photos tell the tale. Enjoy;-)

Podium dancers @ Rummelsburg Berlin, August 21st
Above: Geisha girls at BerMuDa warm up party, Rummelsburg Berlin, August 21st
Above: wannabe geisha? Or maybe just a guy who wasn't expecting rain.

Golden sunset sends a glow over the perfect week-end @ Rummelsburg Berlin


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