Save this for a rainy day...

All this rain. Sigh. You can't do much with it, except for look forward to better times. In that spirit, I am losing myself in daydreams of the Berlin parties that will take place in the next four weeks. First in line is Hotze: Fuer Eine Handvoll Party at Salon Zur Wilden Renate happening next Thursday August 4th. All I can make out is that it involves comics and nerdcore music. Which is intriguing all on its own but, to be honest, I think I am more attracted by the colourful flyer, since it brightens up an otherwise cloudy day.

But what could be brighter than a party at an abandoned GDR fairground, with Kollektiv Turmstrasse tunes in the background? At the Berlinier Luft und Liebe festival in the Plaenterwald next weekend, a fantastic line-up of DJ's will be playing with "Minimal, House, Techno, Jazz und Gipsy" sounds... and I will be dancing along!

An official date for the Fuck Parade has not been posted for 2011, but last year's party consisted of approximately 13 sound systems playing beats from the obscure reaches of the electronic spectrum. Their carnal caravan was followed closely by a procession of some 5000 dancers who fit both definitions of the word 'raving', freshly unleashed upon the world from Berlin's innumerable late night dance institutions. Lots of dancing was observed and a dash of open air sex too - not that I noticed, with all that mayhem around me...

An even deeper, darker tangent than the Fuck Parade may require excavating on Saturday August 13th, when Acid Land takes place. I am admittedly not all that enthusiastic about attending, having danced to enough acid techno to last me three lifetimes (not to mention my feelings about the venue). All the same, I encourage anybody who hasn't yet heard the steely, percussive brand of techno available on Hydraulix and Pounding Grooves (to name but two of the labels listed) to make the descent to Subland that weekend. Like a semi-precious gem, great techno often gleams brighter in the darkness... and it will only cost them a euro!

If I still have energy left after a this last summer month, I'll definitely go to the Krake Festival again. There's no need for me to elaborate about it here - they do a great enough job of it themselves at the Resident Advisor page for the event.

See you around!

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