Review: Minimal Party Report

I was back at work this weekend but in between shifts, I managed to catch a burlesque show and a few great DJ sets at Rummelsburg Berlin. Everything looked and sounded sumptuous (special kudos goes to Luis Ondo, Lady Lou and DJ Emerson for that) but the place could have done with a much bigger audience. Did the promoters simply take the trend for all things 'minimal' a little bit too far and apply it to their advertising campaign, too? Never mind; I got right into the desert-island vibe, so the party was still a highlight in my weekend. I just couldn't help thinking that it could have used some more word-of-mouth to pull the crowds down to sunny Rummelsburg.

After that we headed to Massimiliano Pagliara's record release party. The venue itself requires no further promotion from me since it long ago reached sell-out status. It was almost worth being in Wilden Renate though because of the crisp tech-y house of DJs like Baby G's. If only you could get parties like that to take away... and set them up in a friendlier venue with staff who actually respect their customers. But it seems that wanting cool music and cool people in the same place is just asking too much, in this town...

So, now I am super-broke and doubt that I will be partying very hard over the coming two weeks... with the possible exception of the Nation of Gondwana festival this Saturday, July 23rd (the tickets for that one are already booked). So this may be my last entry until the beginning of August.

See you then!


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