Review: Berlin Free City @ RAW Tempel Cafe

The RAW cafe is somewhere I only go when I'm in a special mood. It's an echoey space where every conversation that you start somehow ends up involving every person in the room. Despite its size, the RAW feels intimate because it is home to a tight-knit group of global individuals: musicians, artists and street life. You should only visit it if you're willing to go with the flow because the crowd will expect you to be a bit DIY, spontaneous and to open up. But hey, isn't that the reason why you go out in the first place?

The space in Revaler Strasse (adjacent to RAW Tempel club) is utilitarian and minimal in the real sense of the word - not as a fashion statement.  So if you just want to people-watch or are looking for a specific style, you should to opt for one of the hundred or so million other nightspots in the area.

There is a great open mic night on Thursdays though; the performances are so tight that it's more like watching a series of short gigs. My singer/songwriter friend Albina is pictured playing there in February with fellow musician Micha.

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